fall festivals!!!

hello world!

we have been busy working away at a new full-length album in our secret isolation chamber, but fret not, we shall emerge victorious soon, with a nice glossy piece of wax!  maybe.  maybe it’ll be a tape.  or a giant piece of jello encased in gold with an mp3 stick in the middle, containing all 11 songs.  or a CD-rom that we will have stolen from our parents’ houses, sharpied and all.  we haven’t quite decided how to release it yet.

this year has been an experimental one, and after several performances hiding behind painted dancers and looming hazy smoke clouds, we will now step out and let ourselves be seen and heard at these upcoming festivals!



August 28 @ International Pop Overthrow (Vancouver, BC)
September 12 @ Fringe Festival (Vancouver, BC)
September 15 @ Rifflandia Festival (Victoria, BC)
September 22 @ Olio Festival (Vancouver, BC)
October 5 @ The Woods (Danielito’s Birthday party!)

hopefully see some of you soon!  come say hi to us if you are at any of these shows!!!